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For decades, thousands of clients spanning various industries have trusted TECNASA as the leading IT provider in the region. We’re not afraid to showcase our level of service so you can see what we do to go above and beyond for you. We provide every managed service to meet your IT infrastructure needs. TECNASA as a Service, powered by Fuerza TECNASA, is prepared to deliver both the managed services and technology solutions that keep your infrastructure up to date as we are providers of managed services both on premise and on the cloud. We don’t want to sell you solutions — we want to solve your problems.


Do you think that by outsourcing your internal IT services your company will benefit?

As a company born from information technology, TECNASA is well-versed in delivering innovative IT security solutions. For decades, numerous organizations have trusted us with everything they need to secure their most sensitive information. Modern IT security must move at the speed of business, proactively detecting, preventing, and repairing damage from threats and attacks. Our managed security solutions are designed to manage, monitor and protect your information wherever and however it is used.

Constant training is key and certifying our staff is part of our DNA and our reason for being. That is why Fuerza TECNASA becomes the ideal manager for monitoring and administering the security of your IT platform.
Ensure that you optimize value from your enterprise security investments and mitigate IT security threats with TECNASA’s innovative solutions, with innovative technological options such as Managed Video Surveillance as a Service, Data Vaulting as a Service, Archiving as a Service, and Confidential Data as a Service.

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