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Managed Services

For decades, thousands of clients spanning various industries have trusted TECNASA as the leading IT provider in the region. We’re not afraid to showcase our level of service so you can see what we do to go above and beyond for you. We provide every managed service to meet your IT infrastructure needs. TECNASA as a Service, powered by Fuerza TECNASA, is prepared to deliver both the managed services and technology solutions that keep your infrastructure up to date as we are providers of managed services both on premise and on the cloud. We don’t want to sell you solutions — we want to solve your problems.


Do you think that by outsourcing your internal IT services your company will benefit?

In today’s business ecosystem, making sure your business is constantly connected, accessible and avoiding disruptions has never been more important. TECNASA’s trusted business continuity solutions build and improve upon your organization’s resilience by identifying your key products and services and the crucial activities that reinforce them.

From there, it is about devising a strategy that will allow you to continue operating your business and enable you to quickly and effectively recover from any disruption — regardless of size or cause. TECNASA’s business continuity solutions have been proven to bring benefits to our clients. Discover how we can ensure the continuity of your business today.

tecnasa's business continuity as a service

Managed Back-Up and Recovery

We support and solve data protection issues in private cloud model, or through a hybrid strategy on demand for the business data universe.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We assess and implement a disaster recovery strategy that involves and develops all aspects of a DRP.

Disaster Recovery

We implement, through the use of technological solutions, the mechanisms of replication & recovery in order to achieve and comply your SLAs.

Fault Tolerance Mechanisms

We provide consulting services, advising you on the journey towards the implementation & use of MS Azure, based on the specific needs you require.

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