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Managed Services

For decades, thousands of clients spanning various industries have trusted TECNASA as the leading IT provider in the region. We’re not afraid to showcase our level of service so you can see what we do to go above and beyond for you. We provide every managed service to meet your IT infrastructure needs. TECNASA as a Service, powered by Fuerza TECNASA, is prepared to deliver both the managed services and technology solutions that keep your infrastructure up to date as we are providers of managed services both on premise and on the cloud. We don’t want to sell you solutions — we want to solve your problems.


Do you think that by outsourcing your internal IT services your company will benefit?

At TECNASA, we have the skill and expertise to provide you with solutions to implement either your own private cloud or a public cloud, hosted in TECNASA’s premises or through a third party. Our cloud service solutions help you propel your business processes by streamlining service delivery and making the most efficient use of your company’s resources.

Our highly trusted cloud management services, including computing power, virtual desktops, backup services, operating system and database administration services, file syncing and security services, are all designed to provide uncomplicated, scalable access to apps, resources and services that boost your organization’s operations. No longer do you need to waste your own precious resources or allocate IT staff to manage the cloud — TECNASA will do it for you.

TECNASA's public cloud as a service


Because Azure supports a wide variety of operating systems & devices, you’re able to use the tools and technologies that you already know and trust.


With a proven record, and specialized in pre-made Cloud, TECNASA & O4IT deliver premium Cloud packages.

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