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At TECNASA, first and foremost, we serve trust. Our company was built on service and our clients have trusted us to provide the most innovative information technology solutions for nearly 50 years. We were born into technology, and trusted service is in our DNA.

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Through our years of experience in information technology, we have partnered with and developed a professional team of consultants, who are prepared to provide expert advice on the broad portfolio of services that we offer. From data centers to security solutions and much more, Fuerza TECNASA has the knowledge and expertise to offer you access to deeper levels of expertise both quickly and cost-effectively. At TECNASA, our consulting services focus on your most critical issues and opportunities by harnessing the power of today’s digital economy. We deliver value and performance through our mastery of digitization, information technology and business transformation. Discover how our consulting services can propel your organization into the future.

- Server Consolidation Consultancies

- Infrastructure Technology Assessment

- Assessment Process

- Risk Management


At TECNASA, we’ve always been concerned with training and certification not only for our staff of strategists, but for our customers as well. Since 1998, we have been concerned with improving the level of technological comprehension among our clients, which is why we developed New Horizons, part of the world’s largest independent IT training company, in Panama and Nicaragua. New Horizons, the technology upgrading and training centers certified by Microsoft, trains our customers in the use of the technology we provide and offers numerous benefits that include certified instructors, classroom courses, personalized attention, a certification diploma and much more. At TECNASA, we see New Horizons as and educational experience that makes others feel comfortable and excites them to master technology in order to be productive, invaluable employees who optimize, program and invent solutions that propel your business forward.


In the highly digitized business world of today, it’s become impossible to know whether your business strategy is working or not without remote monitoring capabilities. Today, your organization must be prepared to effectively monitor and manage your team and your IT infrastructure as well as the external forces that affect you from wherever, whenever. At TECNASA, we realize the importance of remote, proactive monitoring and have developed a secure remote monitoring platform that allows for efficient and non-intrusive IT monitoring, support tasks and remote management of end users known as Visiontec. By providing the tools you need to automate any IT task, work on multiple machines at the same time, easily manage IT policies across multiple endpoints and manage everything through a single console, TECNASA’s remote monitoring services provide higher reliability, business continuity and productivity.

Our Incident Management and Remote Monitoring solutions include, among others, your:
- IT Infraestructure
- ATMs using APTRA Vision by NCR Corp.
- POS and Self Service Kiosks


TECNASA was built on support. For more than 45 years, organizations representing numerous industries have trusted TECNASA to support their information technology infrastructure. We offer maintenance and technical support to all of the equipment that we sell as well as every solution that we offer. In order to keep your organization operating at its peak, our trusted support services include both corrective support and preventative maintenance as well as critical mission services 24 hours per day, seven days per week. TECNASA’s on-demand IT support services help organizations focus on their operations, spark innovation, mitigate a shortage of skilled workers or expertise in information technology and facilitate the growth of your business.


Fast-paced. Results-oriented. Highly trained. Analytical. At TECNASA, we believe that it is our people that make the difference for you and as a result, we buy into our manpower. We realize the importance of expertise and have significantly invested in employee training and certification to ensure that you are receiving the best service possible.

Manpower is a service we offer clients who require technical staff with many years of experience in technical support for hardware platforms and specific software solutions from our team of experts. These employees are hired under TECNASA’s payroll, but they report to the client, and even wear their uniform. It is a way for clients to have access to expert staff supported by TECNASA. The investment we make in our people is unparalleled and allows us to deliver the most trusted service and innovative IT solutions throughout Central America and Ecuador.

Let the experts at Fuerza TECNASA serve you.


Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a project has never been easier than with the assistance of Team TECNASA. In order to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria, numerous organizations have trusted TECNASA to manage their temporary endeavors. From planning to design, and through development, testing and deployment, Team TECNASA will take full responsibility for the success of your IT project. Discover how TECNASA’s innovative project management services provide you with intelligent insight into your unique product, service or result, bringing beneficial change or added value to your organization.


Selecting the right technology for the right job at the right time has never been more important to success in business. In information technology, solution architecture defines and describes the architecture of a specific solution by providing guidance from different enterprise architecture viewpoints as well as from the enterprise solution architecture. From solution ideation to implementation, TECNASA’s solutions architecture services strive to deliver significant value to you by establishing context for the solution, as well as defining its vision and requirements before selecting the most optimal option and developing the roadmap for the selected solution. Learn about our trusted solutions architecture services today.


At TECNASA, we realize that getting things from point A to point B can be a bit challenging. In order to ease this burden, we have an entire fleet specialized in delivering high-quality products from our manufacturers with the appropriate tools. We don’t just sell you a product — an ATM, for example — we deliver it to its location, taking care of its integrity. Additionally, we can transport entire data centers from one location to another. TECNASA’s trusted transport and mobilization services don't just deliver your product, we ensure the cohesion of your entire technology solution.