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  • In more than 10 years of working for TECNASA, I have participated in its regional growth, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally, and it is a company committed to continuing education, the stability of my job provides economic security to my family. " Carlos Finance Manager
  • Since I arrived at TECNASA, the work environment has been favorable and has allowed me to grow and develop professionally in a changing high-tech environment, acquiring knowledge, certifications and training at the highest level, which makes us competitive at a personal and professional level." Randall High Availability Technician
  • In TECNASA I had the opportunity to travel to other countries to train, as it was when I was in Denmark, it was a great challenge since it was my first trip out of the country. " Gilberto Datacenter Engineer
  • Joining TECNASA was a challenge, a company that was born in the country and I was being part of the founders. I started as a receptionist with the vision to improve myself internally and since 2007 I work as Administrative Manager. TECNASA has trusted me, allowed me to grow professionally and fulfill personal goals, demonstrating that if the company grows, we grow. " Karina Administrative Manager
  • I started as a design technician, developing 2D drawings, network certifications, and I am currently a specialist in design of different departments (Networks, Data, Power, etc., 2D and 3D designs in AutoCAD, SketchUp, V-Ray, DIALux .etc) . In TECNASA I did my professional practice and I am currently finishing a degree in Architecture and I have been able to continue my studies, surpassing myself professionally. " Jose Drawing Engineer
  • Each position is more demanding and helps one to keep growing. I have worked as a pre-sales representative, understanding the core of the company, as a specialist in financial solutions and now as a Project Manager. At TECNASA, I’ve grown as a person with every position I have exercised, taking care of both my internal clients and my external clients." Wendy Project Manager

The Total Experience of Working at TECNASA

At TECNASA, serving trust is what we do. Our highly-trained and skilled staff works hard for us, so we work hard for them. We invest in our people and have cultivated a special culture that offers employees a unique set of benefits, encouraging them to be a proud and motivated part of Fuerza TECNASA.

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Our Culture

Culture is the personality of our company. It is the result of how we work together. Not only to serve our co-workers, but also our customers. It is our attitude, what we think, do, and say, the way we behave inside and outside the company. It is the work environment, our values, and behaviors.


    At TECNASA, we passionately deliver the highest quality and most thoughtfully planned premium IT solutions by providing unmatched service at every step of every customer engagement.


    TECNASA will be referenced as the highest quality IT and consulting services by every company, market vertical and geographic region.


    At TECNASA, we optimize your business through an unmatched service, and great human talent, qualified and committed, to transform your world.

Continuous Education

At TECNASA we believe in our staff, so we invest in their training to offer the best service to our customers. Through our world-class technology partners, our staff receives the most prestigious certifications and recognitions from the IT industry, in conjunction with the training portfolio of our sister company New Horizons, part of the TECNASA Group since 1998.

Diversity and inclusion

At TECNASA, we understand that differing perspectives exist and that each of them is valuable. We work to explore and identify the range of obstacles preventing individuals from feeling involved and remove those barriers. Through our inclusive leadership, plans and programs, we have developed an inclusive talent system filled with a diverse range of individuals. Work with TECNASA to find the path that’s right for your life and career.

Our Impact

In today’s rapidly evolving, fast-paced world of business, we believe every organization should have access to the high-technology solutions that propel enterprises forward. At TECNASA, our extensive experience and high-level solutions allow us to guarantee our customers the best support to help maximize their operations, lower operating costs and increase the return on their technology investment.

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