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At TECNASA, we understand that your financial institution faces myriad external difficulties. From shifting customer expectations to the strain that regulatory insight places on your institution and even the effect that disruptive technologies have had on the industry, TECNASA knows how difficult operating a financial institution can be and we strive to make doing so easier, which is why we are proud to be a solutions provider and premier partner of NCR, the world leader in consumer transaction technologies. Since 2000, NCR has honored TECNASA with more than 20 awards distinguishing our excellence. In fact, in 2015 and 2016, NCR awarded TECNASA awards for Solution Provider of the Year and Service Provider of the Year.

Discover why hundreds of customers have trusted TECNASA to not only solve their financial issues but create excellent customer and transaction experiences as well. We can help you through every stage of your organizational life cycle, taking full advantage of our experience to provide a combination of hardware, software and specific-service solutions. At the same time, we guarantee the best experience in the region for the management of your ATM network, proactively and predictively.


Do you think that migrating check deposit and cash transactions from your branch to your bank's ATMs would improve your customers' experience?

Increasingly, customers expect the opportunity to connect with your institution, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. Increasingly, customers demand that they maintain control over their money management experience and that the experience is fast, easy, convenient and remains private. As a result, financial institutions are beginning to optimize their self-service offerings in order to meet the growing demands of their customers and regulatory oversight while taking advantage

of disruptive technologies that make knowing, helping and advising customers much easier. TECNASA offers a number of trusted self-service solutions for the finance industry, including cash dispensers and recyclers, multi-function automated teller machines (ATMs), check scanners, financial kiosks, interactive tellers and transactional printing solutions.

the way we improve your experience

Cash dispenser

Our newest model allows more ATM availability thanks to bigger drawers, replaceable modules, among others, eliminating the risk of cash trapping.

Multi-Function deposit atm's

Our solution has the capacity to add new transactions and services to your ATM network, thanks to smart deposit modules, and many more features.

Cash Recyclers

our multi-function offer will represent significant costs savings, allowing more independence in the traditional supply chains.

Financial kiosks

Transactional channels increase your income generation sources, enabling debit and credit card transactions, from any institution.

Interactive teller

With our interactive teller yous institution to widen its banking services to your consumers, with remote personalized in your NCR ATM's.

Transactional Printing

From check printers, savings booklets, transaccional slips, printing solutions from TECNASA improve your clients’ overall experience.

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