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Managed Services

For decades, thousands of clients spanning various industries have trusted TECNASA as the leading IT provider in the region. We’re not afraid to showcase our level of service so you can see what we do to go above and beyond for you. We provide every managed service to meet your IT infrastructure needs. TECNASA as a Service, powered by Fuerza TECNASA, is prepared to deliver both the managed services and technology solutions that keep your infrastructure up to date as we are providers of managed services both on premise and on the cloud. We don’t want to sell you solutions — we want to solve your problems.


Do you think that by outsourcing your internal IT services your company will benefit?

Maximize the value of your IT solutions without contributing more to your organizational workload. TECNASA’s on-premise managed services offer flexible opportunities for you to utilize our highly skilled, highly trained team of experts to help you manage, operate and optimize your IT.

From productivity to printing, ATMs, Networking, Cabling Management, to POS, and so much more, TECNASA provides managed services options that meet and exceed all of your IT needs.

TECNASA's hardware as a service


Our solutions are deployed within an organization, allowing the data to remain within the limits of your network in order to provide secure printing.


Proactively, we administer, monitor, and protect your organization's self-service network, including ATMs, and kiosks.

Wireless & Networking

Our managed solutions provide analysis, implementation, & administration of networks, on-premise, and mobile, for your organization's infrastructure.

Facility & Infrastructure

We offer the services of structured cabling, electromechanical, and telecommunications subsystems for the proper functioning of your datacenter.

Managed Collocation

We provide accommodation, management, and administration of technology infrastructure services for companies that need to outsource them.

End-User & POS

We deliver computing managed service for end-user and innovative solutions for points of sale, keep them all updated and safe.

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