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Our approach to security includes risk assessment, detailed reporting, continuing reviews, developing security roadmaps and training services. We have created a wide selection of security solutions to protect your most sensitive information, including firewalls, intrusion prevention solutions, vulnerability analysis services, security solutions focused on virtualization architecture and much more. TECNASA has acquired the most important certifications and the highest level of partnerships of our core security brands, including Fortinet, Forcepoint, and McAfee, to guarantee our customers the best support and high-level security solutions with extensive experience. We collaborate with you in order to make innovation easier and improve your bottom line. Fuerza TECNASA's security experts aim to prevent threats before they arise. That is why we invest in their knowledge of our security specialists, staying head of new attacks against your security, avoiding threats and responding to the key challenges that your company faces today.


Is your organization prepared to address the digital security issues of today and tomorrow?

One of the most overlooked aspects of enterprise security is often one of the most important — physical security. The importance of physical security is often neglected in favor of more technical threats like hacking and malware. However, physical security breaches that cause loss or damage to an organization can be executed without technical expertise on the part of the attacker.

In order to mitigate physical threats, TECNASA’s team of security experts will protect your organization by restricting access to key resources or locations through access control, utilizing video surveillance, and monitoring and controlling operations that impact the physical environment. Find out how Team TECNASA can help you protect your personnel and property.

the way we protect you

Control Access

Locks and login credentials are just two of the components of our access control offer.

Video surveillance

With our video surveillance solution, your company's physical security will always be guarded.

Environmental Control

Our trusted environmental control solutions deliver the industry’s most robust security, rack access and environmental solution over your IP network.

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