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Our approach to security includes risk assessment, detailed reporting, continuing reviews, developing security roadmaps and training services. We have created a wide selection of security solutions to protect your most sensitive information, including firewalls, intrusion prevention solutions, vulnerability analysis services, security solutions focused on virtualization architecture and much more. TECNASA has acquired the most important certifications and the highest level of partnerships of our core security brands, including Fortinet, Forcepoint, and McAfee, to guarantee our customers the best support and high-level security solutions with extensive experience. We collaborate with you in order to make innovation easier and improve your bottom line. Fuerza TECNASA's security experts aim to prevent threats before they arise. That is why we invest in their knowledge of our security specialists, staying head of new attacks against your security, avoiding threats and responding to the key challenges that your company faces today.


Is your organization prepared to address the digital security issues of today and tomorrow?

As a company born from information technology, TECNASA is well-versed in delivering innovative IT security solutions. For decades, numerous organizations have trusted us with everything they need to secure their most sensitive information. Modern IT security must move at the speed of business, proactively detecting, preventing, and repairing damage from threats and attacks. The expert-level components of our IT security solutions, including end-user protection, peripheral security, web filtering, email security, security management integration, Service Operations Center solutions, data protection, encryption and vulnerability analysis,

embedded security, advanced threat defense, database security, security information and event management and cloud security, are all built on analytics and insight. Our security solutions are designed to manage, monitor and protect your information wherever and however it is used. Ensure that you optimize value from your enterprise security investments and mitigate IT security threats with TECNASA’s innovative solutions.

the way we protect you

Data Protection & Encryption

We dynamically protect your company, establishing models and adding intelligence through Machine Learning, Real Protect & DAC.

Pheripherals & Vulnerability

We focus on strengthening your perimeter, analyzing all types of traffic, using evasion techniques, forensic analysis & protocols, and anomalies.

Web Filtering

Dynamic filtering and total control over the navigation of an entire intelligence network, with forensic analysis and decryption of encrypted traffic.

E-mail security

Content analysis, applying detection in the seven layers of security.

Security Management

Through our Security Managed Services, we bring together all your organization's security connections for a unified administration.

End-User Protection

We are focused on protection of your team, with advanced techniques, such as Threat Prevention, Adaptive Threat Protection, & Real Protect Scanning.

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