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Our approach to security includes risk assessment, detailed reporting, continuing reviews, developing security roadmaps and training services. We have created a wide selection of security solutions to protect your most sensitive information, including firewalls, intrusion prevention solutions, vulnerability analysis services, security solutions focused on virtualization architecture and much more. TECNASA has acquired the most important certifications and the highest level of partnerships of our core security brands, including Fortinet, Forcepoint, and McAfee, to guarantee our customers the best support and high-level security solutions with extensive experience. We collaborate with you in order to make innovation easier and improve your bottom line. Fuerza TECNASA's security experts aim to prevent threats before they arise. That is why we invest in their knowledge of our security specialists, staying head of new attacks against your security, avoiding threats and responding to the key challenges that your company faces today.


Is your organization prepared to address the digital security issues of today and tomorrow?

In order to maximize the value of your security information, it is important to add context to your data. But, context is only one step on the road to maximizing the value of your security information. To get the most out of your security information, you need to be correlating your data. TECNASA’s correlation solutions evaluate relationships between pieces of information, look at how the pieces fit together and contribute additional information that helps keep your organization safe. Through expert-level IT event management, advanced threat analytics and cyber intelligence,

TECNASA will protect your information assets and detect information security incidents before they become problematic. In addition, we offer video and transaction correlation for customers that utilize our ATMs. Learn how TECNASA’s correlation engines and machine learning techniques can automatically analyze your data more efficiently and effectively than a large team of IT professionals can.

the way we protect you

IT Event Management

Your organization will be able to have complete visibility, at a security level, of all of its technological assets, adjusted to your business model.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Advanced detection - dynamic malware, advanced and targeted attacks - creating visibility on your current evasion techniques.

Cyber Intelligence

We create a maturity on a robust security model focused on adding intelligence to each of the components of your security networks.

Video & Correlation for ATM's

Our state-of-the-art security solution for ATMs can help companies mitigate unwanted attacks to their hardware.

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