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TECNASA is proud to be one of Microsoft's licensing solution providers (LSP) in Central America. For decades, Microsoft has been trusted to develop, manufacture, license, support and sell computer software.
Today, we cannot imagine working without Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Power BI and Azure cloud services revolutionized, in just months, the understanding of corporate data and data accessibility, and we will soon see terms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in everyday conversations.
In TECNASA, we partner with Microsoft as well as with our leading brands, to bring the companies of our region world-changing technologies with the best support and highest level solutions with extensive experience.


Is your part of your IT platform in the public cloud?

Microsoft has tremendous breadth and depth in the myriad of services it offers, and TECNASA is uniquely positioned to bring them all together for you. We strive to help our clients get the most from their technology investments through strategy, planning, deployment and support services and we use our expertise across the broad Microsoft portfolio to bring technology solutions to thousands of clients throughout the region.

Discover why our trusted Microsoft services are the best solution for your organization.

The Benefits of our solution

Portals & Collaborations

At TECNASA, we deliver portal and collaboration solutions that improve how information is managed, reducing costs and improving communications.

System Management

Our system management software developed by Microsoft provides control, management, distribution, system deployment, access protection and inventory.


TECNASA’s trusted virtualization solutions centralize your organization’s administrative tasks while improving scalability and workloads.

Server Migration

TECNASA’s system architects can't only help you with your migration but also identifying the most scalable, redundant and cost-effective new solution.


We all know that different platforms provide different functionality and restrictions. Our offers will inspire confidence while meeting your IT needs.

Business Intelligence

BI solutions allow you to gain a deeper insight into your data by bringing together capabilities in SQL Server, Azure Analysis Services and Power BI.