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TECNASA is proud to be one of Microsoft's Licensing and Service Providers (LSP) and Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) in Central America. For decades, Microsoft has been responsible for developing, manufacturing, authorizing, supporting and selling software.

Currently, we cannot imagine working without Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Power BI and Azure cloud services completely changed, in just a few months, the understanding of corporate data and data accessibility, and we will soon see terms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in everyday conversations.

At TECNASA, we partner with Microsoft, as well as with our leading brands, to provide companies in our region with technologies that change the world with the best support and the highest level solutions with extensive experience.


Is your part of your IT platform in the public cloud?

TECNASA offers you 365 which is the productivity, communication, collaboration and security platform hosted in the cloud that groups main tools of greater value and in its most recent version.
365 is a complete solution, which depending on its version may offer users the ability to work from anywhere at any time.

You can communicate by videoconference with anyone, share your work in real time and with total security, use email, calendar and contact information from virtually all types of devices, have a collaboration intranet for all employees and control all company information with robust security and privacy controls.



It combines the features of Office 365, with Windows 10 Operating System and the Security portal.


It is the cloud productivity solution for all organizations regardless of their size.