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Our purpose is to offer you our services under the form of Service Desk, as a single point of contact between the users of your organization and standard technologies adopted by it. At TECNASA our promise of value is based on guaranteeing you readiness, flexibility, expertise and proactivity in managing the technical support of your business.


Do you know the current operating cost of your service desk?

For more than 45 years, by means of our comprehensively managed services, we have been in charge of effectively solving the business needs of countless organizations.

At TECNASA we seek to build a solid relationship that gives our clients the confidence to outsource monitoring, support and administration of their technological equipment.

Benefits of our solution

All in one

This solution comprises a Regional Service Desk; for monitoring, support and administration of all your technological equipment.

Profitable and convenient

Paying per hour of service not only means savings, but also up to 50% reduced operating costs by internal management.

No complications

This solution keeps the operation of all your workloads on-premises and/or in the cloud stable, while users work safely.