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Public Cloud

At TECNASA, we have the skill and expertise to provide you with solutions to implement either your own private cloud or a public cloud, hosted in TECNASA’s premises or through a third party. Our cloud service solutions help you propel your business processes by streamlining service delivery and making the most efficient use of your company’s resources.

Fortinet Unveils Cloud-to-Cloud SD-WAN Solution to Simplify and Enhance Multi-Cloud Applications

...of SD-WAN by enabling it to be implemented anywhere. From home, campus to cloud, data center to cloud, and now cloud to cloud, Fortinet delivers the industry’s most scalable, cost...

Hybrid Platform

The world is not black and white and neither is your IT infrastructure. TECNASA can help you in finding the right mix for your unique business operations, helping you achieve cloud agility with the IT predictability you’re accustomed to. At TECNASA, we help you navigate the cloud, not only helping you decide what to migrate, but with building your own private cloud and partnering to offer world-class cloud services outside your business.

TECNASA participa del HPE Discover 2023: Greenlake edge to cloud to AI

...una excelente oportunidad para conocer más acerca de la plataforma “HPE Greenlake: Edge to cloud platform”, que es el núcleo de la promesa de valor de HPE para facilitar a...

VMware Cloud Foundation

...la nube híbrida, la modernización de aplicaciones, la escalabilidad bajo demanda, la migración y modernización de la nube, y mucho más. VMware Cloud Foundation es una plataforma de nube híbrida...

McAfee to Acquire Skyhigh Networks, Creating a Global Leader in Endpoint and Cloud Cybersecurity

...across billions of events to identify and stop threats; applies protection to data that persists in the cloud or outside the cloud; and delivers an extensible platform for cloud providers...


TECNASA, Microsoft's licensing solutions and services provider in Central America and Ecuador is always at your disposal, at any time. If you are currently working with an LSP that makes a purchase and then disappears, you should consider other options. As a Microsoft provider, we must meet specific qualifications to provide knowledge on the licensing we specify, affordable solutions for specific devices that require products in place and specified in the cloud. In addition, TECNASA is a Microsoft’s Gold partner, the highest distinction for those engage in license sales and also level 1 direct partners for cloud services through CSP.