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Networking & Communications

A medida que el mundo avanza hacia un espacio cada vez más digital, las redes y las comunicaciones de datos adquieren una importancia cada vez mayor a medida que se esfuerza por mantenerse conectado. Con más frecuencia que antes, se debe transmitir una cantidad cada vez mayor de datos digitales entre múltiples computadoras y otros dispositivos informáticos. Las redes de datos inteligentes les permiten a estos dispositivos intercambiar información de manera rápida y segura, capacitando a las fuerzas de trabajo y promoviendo el avance de las organizaciones.

TECNASA se compromete a eliminar la complejidad, expandir y acelerar su red y brindar sistemas de comunicaciones optimizados que le permitan brindar servicios de manera más rápida y segura. Somos líderes en el diseño e implementación de sistemas de comunicación y redes que cumplen con los estándares internacionales. Póngase en contacto hoy con TECNASA para asegurarse de estar preparado para satisfacer las necesidades del lugar de trabajo digital actual.


Can you manage your users' profiles, and their policies, easily on your wireless communications devices?

Structured cabling is the design and installation of cabling systems that will support multiple hardware systems and be suitable for today’s needs as well as those of the future. Too often, companies invest in servers and super softwares, but may choose to sacrifice quality cabling. At TECNASA, we offer the highest quality certified cabling in order to guarantee that clients do not lose any of their IT power due to a lack of good roads to transport the data. Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a

set of standards that identify how to wire data centers, offices and more for data or voice communications using various kinds of cable. In order to meet the varying needs of unique customers, TECNASA offers copper cabling, fiber optic cabling and its connections, telecommunications room cabling, cabling distribution, grounding and bonding solutions, monitoring, design and consulting services, and outlet certifications in order to meet every structured cabling need. TECNASA’s expert personnel is prepared to install your system correctly, which means that the requirements of both today and tomorrow will be catered to and whatever hardware you choose to add in the future will be supported.

how we connect you

Copper Cabling

Our copper cabling offer adjusts to the very specific needs of every one of our customers.

Fiber Optics & Connections

Hundreds of organizations throughout the region trust TECNASA to ensure its connections.

Cabling distribution

Fuerza TECNASA is vastly experienced in cabling distribution, complying with industry standards.

Telco Room cabling

Your telecommunications will be up to date with the best technology with our cabling solution.

grounding & bonding

We literally go from the ground up! We make sure the telecommunications in your datacenter are protected from all occurrences.

outlet certifications

Our technical staff is constantly learning and acquiring certification on all our structured cabling partners’ solutions.

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