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...por NCR Corporation, Socio Cloud del Año de Microsoft, HPE Socio Platino, Socio de más rápido crecimiento corporativo y servicio de Schneider Electric, y socio del año por McAfee entre...


...transactions using NCR multifunctional SelfServ ATMs, with cash deposit modules. The solution offered by TECNASA also included training for the use and implementation of the smart deposit in its ATMs,...

Self-Service Solutions

Increasingly, customers expect the opportunity to connect with your institution, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. Increasingly, customers demand that they maintain control over their money management experience and that the experience is fast, easy, convenient and remains private. As a result, financial institutions are beginning to optimize their self-service offerings in order to meet the growing demands of their customers and regulatory oversight while taking advantage

Tendencias de efectivo y cajeros automáticos durante la pandemia de COVID-19

...la disponibilidad de efectivo, y dado que los consumidores prefieren la seguridad de sus automóviles para abrir las colas, los cajeros automáticos continuarán manteniendo el efectivo disponible. Fuente: NCR.com/coronavirus https://www.ncr.com/coronavirus/banking/cash-and-atm-trends-during-the-covid-19-pandemic...

Sales Channels & Touchpoints

All retailers need a channel on which goods and services can be sold in order to make money. Additionally, these retailers need to leverage a point of contact or interaction between themselves and their consumers or customers, or they’ll never sell anything. In order to help our clients in retail succeed, we have developed a number of sales channel and touchpoint solutions that not only upgrade your business processes but improve the customer’s overall shopping experience.


Security is no longer optional. As physical attacks and data breaches continue to occur across the financial industry, the pressure on financial institutions to secure their most sensitive data is increasing quickly. Financial institutions are spending more than ever to remain in compliance with government and industry mandates and regulations. Furthermore, physical and logical attacks have the potential to cost institutions millions of dollars in addition to what they’re currently spending on security measures.