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Our Client:

Banesco is an international banking group established in 1986 and has achieved significant global growth, with a presence in 14 countries today.

Since 2007, Banesco obtained a commercial banking license in Panama, expanding throughout the country with the opening of 23 branches and operations in both retail and corporate sectors.

Currently, Banesco is a comprehensive financial services entity committed to excellence in the quality of its services, particularly focusing on customer experience and first-contact resolution. Innovation is one of the pillars guiding Banesco, always supported by its top-tier human talent and by staying at the forefront of technology.

The Challenge:

The financial services industry has faced significant changes over the last decade. In order to maintain our mission of facilitating access and excellence in customer experience, we sought a solution that would enable self-service for our customers to directly manage their balance inquiries, statements, available credit limits, make deposits, and credit card payments, all within a user-friendly environment, with the firm goal of creating an innovative banking experience in Panama.

The challenge was exciting: a go-to-market approach delivering an innovative experience to the customer, ensuring everything operated optimally as the project progressed. Prioritizing the enhancement of customer experience excellence and customer migration from traditional cashier services to multifunctional ATMs.

The solution:

We present the NCR SelfServ Series 80 ATM line, designed to ensure digital transformation and innovation in the banking self-service ecosystem.

The NCR Series 80 is not just an ATM; it represents self-service solutions that transform Banesco Panama branches. Web screen technologies and Contactless technology elevated the experience to a new level, allowing personal and commercial customers to conduct transactions anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year.

All this was made possible thanks to the Financial Services offered by TECNASA, as technological allies.

“The help from the Tecnasa team has been key, as permanent support ensures that the devices are always ready to serve. Tecnasa is part of the Bank’s team; they have been involved in the strategy, with ideas and new trends that support innovation and the delivery of value to our customers.” Mentioned Eduardo Del Valle, Alternative Channels Manager and Customer Service Center of Banesco Panama.


The result:

We introduced a new and innovative experience for Banesco’s customers, unprecedented in Panama, positioning the bank as a pioneer in this type of service availability, especially when its branches are not open to the public.

User-friendly interfaces, a modern and attractive design for customers, turned Banesco Xperience into the default customer service model for the entity.

At TECNASA, we optimize your business through unparalleled service and exceptional human talent, trained and committed to transformation in the world of Financial Services, ensuring high-quality service.