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The financial institution, located in the heart of the Central American region, is focused on making banking more human, based on people to create warm and close relationships, focused on mutual respect. This will bring as a result higher levels of confidence towards the Institution and its collaborators by its clients, and the population in general.

The problem:

The client needed to improve the service experience to its consumers, by offering services and transactions through new electronic channels. By having traditional services at the teller windows within its branches, the Institution could not have a competitive advantage over other financial entities in the country where it conducts operations.

The solution:

TECNASA offered the Institution the migration of new services and transactions using NCR multifunctional SelfServ ATMs, with cash deposit modules.

The solution offered by TECNASA also included training for the use and implementation of the smart deposit in its ATMs, as well as technical support after the installation.

The solution implemented consisted in the migration of services from the windows located in the agencies to NCR multifunctional cashier cash depositing machines. This allowed the bank to differentiate itself from the competition, offering a new and improved customer service experience.

The result:

By implementing these new services from TECNASA and its NCR partner, the bank maintains high availability and security in every transaction that its clients perform, innovating in their way of doing business.