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IT Infrastructure

At TECNASA, we have a broad portfolio of solutions, which includes hardware, software, network resources, and services required in order to develop, operate, test, monitor, manage and support IT services for a variety of clients spanning varying industries. All of our products and services are designed to satisfy high technological requirements in today’s businesses’ operations. TECNASA has acquired the most important certifications and the highest levels of partnership with our core brands, including HP Inc., HPE, Dell Technologies, Vmware, and Citrix, to guarantee our customers the best support and high-level solutions with extensive experience. We are proud to partner with leading technology companies as clients are familiar with these trusted brands. Our state-of-the-art IT solutions combine advanced technology, expert-level advising and proven processes that enable digital business and drive high performance in order to move your organization’s digital transformation forward.


Can you easily manage your servers, storage and networks from the same dashboard?

Today, the use of backup storage is vitally important in enterprise environments, where the loss of business data can be disastrous. Modern businesses generate more data than ever before, and fortunately, storage and backup technology is accordingly cheaper and more abundant than it was previously. At TECNASA, we realize that a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to storage and backup solutions is not optimal as individual organizations are unique and their storage requirements invariably differ.

As a result, we orchestrate and manage entry-level, midrange, and enterprise storage systems that retain, protect and recover your data, ensuring its availability no matter the situation. Instead of employing a singular, fixed strategy, we offer a broad portfolio of storage solutions and unite them in order to craft the right storage and backup strategy for your business.

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All-level Storage

Our storage meet every client’s demands from entry-level to enterprise solutions.

Data availability

Thanks to our partners vast solutions, Fuerza TECNASA implements and supports your data, mitigating the risk of losing precious information.

Storage Management & Orchestra

Fuerza TECNASA can manage your infrastructure in your datacenter, devices by physicial or virtual storage options.

Data Protection & Recovery

Reduce your information’s risk that enable quick data recovery, ensuring minimal data loss.

Data Retention

TECNASA reduces your organizations’s cost through easy Access to your information through long-term data protection solutions.

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