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Human Capital Management

At TECNASA, we know business is all about people and understand how important your employees are to the success of your organization. Your people are assets whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment.

Organizations that support human capital management provide employees with wisely defined and consistently communicated expectations for performance and management indicators, ratios, rewards and hold employees accountable for achieving specific business goals, creating innovation and supporting ongoing improvement. With almost 50 years of experience, TECNASA has developed two different service models for human capital management: outsourced and Software as a Service.

By looking at your personnel as human capital assets, you can begin to maximize the value of your people and minimize what you spend on managing them. TECNASA has been trusted to bring all of the major components of human capital management — Payroll, HR, Time Management, Education, and benefits administration — together and deliver them as a unified and integrated solution for hundreds of clients throughout the region. By combining payroll, HR, and benefits administration together, you’re able to focus on what matters and unlock new opportunities for your business.


Do you have your payroll calculation system integrated into a human capital management software?

Preparing a payroll is much more than ensuring that your employees receive their salary in a timely manner. It also includes compliance with wage tax and keeping records of payments to employees and creditors. These activities are vital, so they must be done carefully and with meticulous attention to detail. If the payroll or payroll is not organized, not only will the employees be upset, but your company will be penalized for non-compliance.

To help you process your company's payroll successfully, TECNASA has its own payroll software as a service that provides agility, confidentiality, accuracy and security throughout the process. In addition to providing payment calculation and compliant reporting, our payroll Software as a Service (SaaS) calculates taxes and overtime, provides personalized services and value-added tools.


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