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Our managed services allow you to take full advantage of the benefits generated by running workloads on the world's leading public clouds such as Amazon ™ Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft ™ Azure. Our team of professionals will help you map your infrastructure, design the architecture, migrate, operate and optimize your platform thus achieving significant savings.


Do you have a cloud strategy for your business?

At TECNASA we will assume the complete management of the operation of your platform in Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure at any stage, from the start-up to the completion of your project.
It includes the following key tasks:

· Automated alerts and recovery actions.
· Customized Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure environment support, specific to your business.
· Full monitoring of instances, Amazon ™ Web Services resources, Microsoft ™ Azure and networks.
· Application of patches and constant maintenance, stop failures before they become a problem.
· Analysis and technical recommendations in general.
· Cost control for Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure.

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