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Datacenters are not new — they are rooted in the enormous computer rooms of the early age of the computing industry. When information technology operations began to become more complex, smart organizations developed ways to control their IT resources through new technologies and practices designed to manage the size and requirements of their operations. Today, almost every organization has a complex IT infrastructure with a substantial amount of hardware, housed in a properly outfitted room known as a “datacenter” or “server room.”

At TECNASA, we realize how critical your data and infrastructure is. As the brain of a company and the location where the most critical processes are run, datacenters are one of the most important assets an organization has. In today’s ever-evolving digital world, your organization can stay ahead of the competition by accelerating application and IT service delivery. TECNASA’s datacenter solutions assure the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment. Discover how our datacenter solutions can safeguard your data, computer systems, and associated components.


Is your critical IT infrastructure housed in adequate and secure sites to ensure its availability?

Data centers vary in sizes — they can occupy one room of a building, multiple floors or even an entire building. Typically, the majority of the equipment are servers mounted and contained on racks, which are usually placed in single rows forming aisles between them, allowing people to access the front and rear of each rack. With 15 years’ experience in data center design and consulting,

TECNASA has the expertise to identify and plan the optimal technology infrastructure for your organization. From energy efficiency consulting to electrical consulting and design and everything in between, we are prepared to deliver the most complete and trusted data center design and consulting solutions.

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Energy efficiency

Through careful planning of your infrastructure, we make the best recommendations based on TIA942’s best practice.


We develop integral solutions using the best practices related to power, based on industry standards.


From inception, implementation, to go-live, we deliver an integral turn-key design service.

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