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Las empresas del mundo de la tecnología de la información no paran de innovar y evolucionar. La mayoría son de Estados Unidos, Europa y Asia. Pero también las hay de...

Managed Operation

At TECNASA we will assume the complete management of the operation of your platform in Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure at any stage, from the start-up to the completion of your project.
It includes the following key tasks:

· Automated alerts and recovery actions.
· Customized Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure environment support, specific to your business.
· Full monitoring of instances, Amazon ™ Web Services resources, Microsoft ™ Azure and networks.
· Application of patches and constant maintenance, stop failures before they become a problem.
· Analysis and technical recommendations in general.
· Cost control for Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure.


As integrative consultants, TECNASA connects your company with the most important "marketplaces" or cloud application markets approved by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft ™.

Deployment, Integration and Migration

At TECNASA we help you migrate and execute workloads on platforms powered by Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure, among others, while maintaining security, compliance, scalability, availability and profitability.

Architecture and Design

Through this service you will receive from TECNASA assistance in the elaboration of scopes and definition of the technological platform that will support your digital services.

Sustainable and Environmental Service

Inicio Igualdad de Oportunidades Educación Servicio Sostenible y Ambiental Our solutions allow our clients to reduce their carbon footprint, using green technology that achieves efficiency in the use of technological...