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A global bank with regional presence throughout Central America, characterized by its broad portfolio of financial services, always at the forefront of innovation of services for its clients. Having acquired local banks, one of its priorities was to establish efficient and approved processes with its global standards, giving special emphasis to reduce their costs and provide excellent service to the institution’s customers.

The problem:

Upon receiving an inherited fleet of printing equipment, the Bank found complexities to maintain the operation: 1) the control of asset inventories, 2) the management of a large stock of consumables and spare parts, even of obsolete models, 3) the management of multiple scenarios for service having both an internal support team and suppliers with contracts.

In order to overcome these challenges, the Bank established the following objectives:

  • Achieve consolidation An installed base so varied in brands, models, types, technologies and even service providers, made their operating costs increasingly higher.
  • Share and optimize the use of equipment without affecting the confidentiality of information.
  • Establish a support mechanism that allows its technical staff and operations to focus on more strategic issues.
  • Establish and control printing and copying costs for each department.
  • Achieve the compatibility of the printing environment with your systems.

The solution:

The Bank initiated a regional process to address this situation. With the support of our business partner HP Inc., we worked in the consolidation process of the printing environment in Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua, and we provided an approved and regional solution of managed printing service (MPS). The solution contemplated:

  • The simplification of the printing environment through standardization of brand, models, types of equipment and consumables used. In addition, we comply with the standardization of the equipment with the Bank’s global standard.
  • The consolidation of printing environments without affecting the productivity of the staff, balancing the number of users per team and sharing resources between the different areas that allowed it.
  • The implementation of proactive remote support tools that allowed real-time monitoring of the entire printing fleet nationwide.
  • The establishment of printing functionalities that ensured the confidentiality of printing. This gave confidence to users who were consolidated to print on shared computers with other areas.
  • The implementation of printing cost control tool that allowed classifying and assigning the consumption to the corresponding cost center allowing the Bank to find areas of operational improvement.

The result:

Once the recommended solution was applied, it was possible to resolve the challenges encountered and the established objectives:

With the consolidation of the environment, the fleet of printing equipment was reduced by more than 50%, which in turn resulted in significant savings in the office space.
Likewise, a 40% reduction in electricity consumption reflected in the monthly electric bill of the Bank was achieved.
The variety of models was reduced by 70%. The economy of scale allowed to handle better price by volume and to use consumables of high performance with optimum quality of impression.
With the solution of cost centers, the expenditure directly related to the printing consumption of each area could be controlled and correctly budgeted.
With support and monitoring tools it was possible to improve the assistance time, especially for the remote localities saving time and costs of transfers for on-site assistance, as well as the reduction of problem resolution times.
The support to the printing environment became proactive so that TECNASA focused on providing the service and the Bank in serving its customers and its businesses.
This regional print managed service contract won, on behalf of HP Inc., significant recognition. HP Inc. recognized the ability of TECNASA to work as a team between the manufacturer, printing specialists, business consultants and technical team, which was essential for the success of the project and the peace of mind of the client.