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A pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is dedicated to the development, production, storage, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products, is certified ISO: 9001. It is recognized for the wide range and quality of its products available to its customers. It has two operations, one in the capital city, and another in a remote area of the Central American country where it operates.

The problem:

The pharmaceutical laboratory lacked an IT infrastructure to support the desired improvements in the implementation of a solution to bring better inventory control in its production plant.

The company’s computing equipment did not have the appropriate licenses and hardware for the daily use programs of the company. The applications installed on these computers were not standardized, and updated with the latest versions of the market. The company also did not maintain a security solution on its computers, which exposed the company to risks of information leakage, viruses, and cyber attacks.

Additionally, the equipment did not have technical support staff for the effective and rapid solution of any day-to-day IT problems. Failures in the equipment were delayed in solving, especially in the operation of the plant that was in a remote and difficult to access.

To solve the technical problems, they called an independent provider who usually responded the following day. More critical was the operation outisde the city, which could take up to two days to address the problem for incidents to be resolved. On many occasions the application could not be resolved at the first visit. The outsourced technician who attended the company did not have visibility of the equipment prior to the visit, so he did not have a diagnosis of the problem before his arrival at the site. This made the response time and resolution even more extended.

The solution:

TECNASA carried out, together with the client, a deep study of its needs. Several meetings were held with management, with the application provider, and interviews were conducted with end users to determine the use they gave to the equipment.

Based on the results of the study, an IT infrastructure proposal was made in service mode (Hardware-as-a-Service or HaaS). The service contract included integrated equipment and services in exchange of  a monthly fee, without requiring our client to make large CAPEX investments at the beginning.

The solution proposed a progressive change in the computing equipment of the administrative and operational areas. In addition, the teams are backed by technical support on demand. TECNASA proactively monitors the solution to give a faster and more efficient response, thus avoiding loss of time due to equipment failure due to minor damages.

With the Visiontec service, TECNASA provides the pharmaceutical company with an online diagnosis, ticket creation, and automatic alerts as soon as it detects a problem, and in some cases, before the equipment fails. If a failure arises, through our secure and remote connection, the equipment is diagnosed and corrected online. When the case requires a visit, the technical service is assigned with the appropriate knowledge and with the previous diagnosis so that it is prepared with the correct parts and solution to the problem.

Additional standardization and updating of their Windows Office and McAfee licenses were made for the security and efficient functioning of their entire platform.

The result:

Now the client has the appropriate IT infrastructure for the implementation of the inventory control solution in production, which allows the company to have better controls and updated information.

It now has state-of-the-art equipment for the proper use of each user, with standardized programs for all users of computing equipment such as Office 365 and a security suite to protect information from external cyber attacks. This helped the company improve the productivity of its administrative team and focus on its critical tasks.

Our client has the support of a team of certified technicians to attend the different solutions and significantly reduce waiting times. The staff of TECNASA serves effectively, not only in the city but also in branches in remote areas, where previously it was difficult to get support.

Now the client can focus on the critical aspects of its business, the product, on and marketing of high quality pharmaceuticals, while TECNASA ensures that the IT infrastructure that supports this operation is always in optimal operation.