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The State’s largest bank, founded in 1904, is a financial institution that exercises functions of private banking and also exercises some functions of a central bank, with the except the issuance of currency.

The problem:

The first State bank with a national presence, even in the remotest places of the country, is constantly growing. The state programs and plans require bank resources, for which the human resources department needed to have a better focus on aligning the strategic processes of the state with the growing demand for personnel, instead of dedicating efforts and resources to the transactional aspect of the payroll process.

Similarly, to develop effective hiring plans and to develop training and personnel evaluation programs, the Bank required a platform that would allow it to streamline such processes.

The solution:

TECNASA offered to the Bank its Payroll Outsourcing service, leader service provided for more than 45 years to multiple companies in the country, allowing the Bank to free its HR staff from this transaction. It specifically gave the bank, in each payment period, its forms with exact calculations, payment vouchers of each employee, and all the reports required by the entities that regulate the banking operation and employment relationship in the country.

In the same way, the Talentia HCM solution was implemented, integrating it with our Payroll solution, providing the Human Resources Department with the facility to have:

  • “Start to Finish” processes: since the Bank has a platform where all the new features of the Human Resources operation are managed, TECNASA receives them for the processing of the Bank’s payroll.
  • Improvement in response times to Bank employees as TECNASA complies with established delivery times.

With the Talentia HCM solution, modules were implemented, that allow the Bank to perform automatic processes of:

  • Staff recruitment and selection
  • Employee electronic file
  • Application for work letters through Workflow
  • Evaluation and performance by departments
  • Issuance of resolutions (for vacations, absences, permits, etc.)
  • Career plan for the employee

The result:

As a result of this implementation, the Bank has progressed with its continuous improvement processes, adding to the initial project the integration with the biometric marking systems, the incorporation of the new regulation of the Social Security Fund, of implementing the digital tab, and  digital vouchers for its employees, contributing enormously to the Green Planet initiatives, reducing printing costs by 80%, issuing more than 3,500 digital vouchers every two weeks.