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The problem:

The Client had its payroll services inherited from its corporate offices, located in a different country; it yielded results that contained many errors, so it was required to make corrections, using manual calculations.  Moreover, all the planning of vacations and permits of their collaborators was done manually in Excel documents, making it difficult to search and generate quick reports to the General Management.

The solution:

TECNASA implemented its payroll outsourcing service, which has more than 45 years of experience in the market, mitigating the risks of miscalculations in order to provide a better service to the Company’s employees.

In parallel, we implemented Talentia HCM, a Human Resources Management solution integrated with the payroll processing service. This solution has a robust time management module, which allowed the Company to manage all the vacation planning and absences of staff, through an efficient and controlled flow of approvals, which nowadays allows to manage a decentralized process and generate the vacation planning report to the General Management. 

The result:

Thanks to this project, the company obtained a substantial improvement in the internal customer service, since it mitigated the constant claims for calculation errors in the payments and retentions of its collaborators. They also managed to optimize their Human Resources processes and absence planning, counting on all the information, reports and analysis to optimize their Human Talent management.