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One of the most solid financial organizations in Venezuela started out as a brokerage house and, after several acquisitions of local and foreign banks, it becomes one of the strongest and fastest growing banks in the region.

The problem:

The need to be able to start operations in a new region, and support the process of hiring personnel, as well as having a payroll payment solution, which would guarantee that the hired staff would receive their payments on time and comply with all the labor regulations of the country.

The solution:

The Bank already had the Talentia HCM solution in Venezuela, so it was of great value for the Bank to find a strategic partner to support the local support processes in the new country where it started operations.

For the payroll process, the Bank hired TECNASA’s payroll outsourcing service and achieved its objectives of establishing a quick operation.

Once certain processes matured and, due to the rapid growth of the Bank in the country, the Bank requested to use the TECNASA Payroll software in its facilities, and this is how the Bank becomes TECNASA’s first client to acquired our Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

With the SaaS solution from TECNASA, the bank has the possibility of executing its own Payroll processes, generating its reports when required, freeing the Bank’s IT operation of activities such as:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of hardware / software infrastructure
  • Review of logbooks and alerts of the solution
  • Maintenance of user keys for the solution
  • Administration of backups and contingency of the solution
  • Updating versions and patches of the solution
  • Development of new functionalities or adjustments to programming
  • With the offered solution, all these tasks are assumed by TECNASA and the Bank’s staff user only worries about using the Payroll application.

The result:

Thanks to this Payroll in Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the Bank receives the ease of use of the most prestigious payroll software in the country, freeing the Bank from having to face up to processes of support and maintenance of the technological platform of the solution, as well as having to provide support at the application and database level to a system that is not its business focus.With the integration of both systems, SaaS and Talentia Worksheet, the client has an integral solution that allows the organization to streamline all of its human resources management and payroll payment processes.