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Government entity in charge of training the population, in order to ensure that the country’s workforce is properly prepared for working in private or public companies, or to explore entrepreneurship oppportunities.

The problem:

The Panamanian State needed to develop a comprehensive training plan that would allow having a qualified and trained workforce in the necessary competencies to deal with mega projects that were being managed at a national level.

The entity did not have technological tools or a platform that would meet the needs of the government’s strategy. Among these needs were:

  • To develop tailored training plans.
  • To keep a control of participants with information regarding the geographical distribution of participation.
  • To validate the available amount of potential workforce, depending on the graduates in each of the programs.
  • To have reports and indicators of results of the different programs executed.

The solution:

TECNASA implemented a human resources management solution (Talentia HCM), which has a robust training module, creating a platform that allowed this institution to develop all the training programs, in competencies that until then were not available to the majority of the population.

Some of the benefits of the solution implemented were:

  • With the implementation of Talentia’s HCM training module, training plans could be created at a national level, enabling the training of resources with a certain degree of specialization, which were demanded by multinational companies that came from other latitudes to develop megaprojects and needed local employees.
  • The implemented solution allowed the integration with other platforms of the institution, such as the e-notes system, where the participants of each course are evaluated, allowing to integrate valuable information for the analysis reports of the programs implemented by the institution’s academic directors.

The platform allowed the creation of a universe of data that allows to exploit this information of vital indicators, such as:

  • Number of Enrollees in a course
  • Participants by geographical distribution
  • Costs associated with each course or program (cost center)
  • Assistance
  • Participants who passed courses.

The result:

Thanks to this program that is still in place today, the Panamanian State was able to meet the demand for resources and personnel required for these great projects, reducing the need to hire foreign labor, and allowing a large part of the national population to obtain professional training and development,  benefiting their quality of life and social environment.