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    Sustainable and Environmental Service

    ...resources, positively impacting the environment. Our strategic partners have different certifications that guarantee that their products are Green IT. At TECNASA we responsibly dispose electrical and electronic products waste related...


    ...key to contributing positively to our environment and at the same time offering solutions to business needs. Thanks to the green technology of our strategic partners, our outsourced services, TECNASA...

    Epson PaperLab Dry-Process Office Papermaking System Receives Good Design Gold Award

    This award is presented to the design judged by the Good Design Award Judging Committee to be particularly outstanding among the Good Design Best 100, which are selected from all...


    TECNASA, Microsoft's licensing solutions and services provider in Central America and Ecuador is always at your disposal, at any time. If you are currently working with an LSP that makes a purchase and then disappears, you should consider other options. As a Microsoft provider, we must meet specific qualifications to provide knowledge on the licensing we specify, affordable solutions for specific devices that require products in place and specified in the cloud. In addition, TECNASA is a Microsoft’s Gold partner, the highest distinction for those engage in license sales and also level 1 direct partners for cloud services through CSP.

    Equal Opportunities

    ...matters in our Code of Ethics and Conduct to be part of a community of business leaders that encourage innovation and promote public-private partnerships in favor of sustainable development, sharing...