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Epson PaperLab Dry-Process Office Papermaking System Receives Good Design Gold Award

November 2, 2017

This award is presented to the design judged by the Good Design Award Judging Committee to be particularly outstanding among the Good Design Best 100, which are selected from all 2017 Good Design Award recipients (4,495 entries). The winner is selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of criteria including the design’s potential as a solution for social issues, future applicability, and level of completion.

Kazuhiro Ichikawa, executive officer and deputy general administrative manager, Corporate Research & Development Division, involved in the development of the PaperLab A-8000 says, “It is a great honor to receive such a highly regarded award. I think this is recognition of the PaperLab A-8000’s concept to “change the future of paper.” As a communications tool, paper has universal value in that it is easily comprehensible, easily visible, and easily portable. At the same time, paper creates an environmental and confidentiality management burden, meaning that some concerns come with its use. By applying dry fiber technology, Epson is proposing the A-8000 as the world’s first*2 office papermaking system that enables the processing and creation of paper locally, in the amount you need and when you need it. Epson is committed to promoting a zero-waste society.”

“This is the first time our company has received the Good Design Gold Award. This is affirmation that Epson’s promotion of a zero-waste society has great value and also recognition of all our work planning and designing the PaperLab as a product to provide that value. The PaperLab represents our commitment to pioneering new markets and I am committed to growing this product into a major business segment,” says Masahiko Kobayashi, design director for the PaperLab A-8000, in Epson’s Manufacturing Process Technology Development Department.