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...a farther site, with anti-seismic features, electrical adjustments, and a UNIX platform. TECNASA was also in charge of the mobilization of the company’s IT infrastructure, and the implementation of the...


Maintaining a data center can be challenging for any organization, regardless of size. Fuerza TECNASA is prepared to work with you every step of the way in order to maximize your strategy and allow you to create the optimal data center ecosystem, customized for your specific needs.


Fuerza TECNASA is prepared to design and build state-of-the-art data centers that meet the classifications of the Uptime Institute’s tier standard system. The higher the tier level, the greater the expected availability of data processing from the hardware at a location. Having your datacenter tier-certified will solidify your reputation and boost the confidence in your services in end users.


IT operations are one of the most crucial aspects of most organizational operations around the world. Organizations rely on their information systems to operate efficiently and effectively and an organization’s operations may be impaired or stopped completely if a system becomes unavailable. As a result, in order to minimize disruption, it is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations.

Sustainable and Environmental Service

...resources, positively impacting the environment. Our strategic partners have different certifications that guarantee that their products are Green IT. At TECNASA we responsibly dispose electrical and electronic products waste related...