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    ...opportunity to break the vicious cycle of vulnerability, breach, and patch. Forcepoint in our 2018 Security Predictions report highlighted the expected rise of attacks against data aggregators in the public...

    A 4-Step Process for Softening the Blow of a Zero-Day Vulnerability

    ...privilege-escalation zero-day may exist, but if you are patched against a remote-code execution vulnerability that is used in tandem with the zero-day, you’ll likely avoid major harm. In addition, remember...

    IT Security

    As a company born from information technology, TECNASA is well-versed in delivering innovative IT security solutions. For decades, numerous organizations have trusted us with everything they need to secure their most sensitive information. Modern IT security must move at the speed of business, proactively detecting, preventing, and repairing damage from threats and attacks. The expert-level components of our IT security solutions, including end-user protection, peripheral security, web filtering, email security, security management integration, Service Operations Center solutions, data protection, encryption and vulnerability analysis,