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SoftBank adopts DevOps methods with Red Hat technologies

October 23, 2017

SoftBank Corp., a Japanese multinational telecommunications and internet company, announced it is embracing a DevOps culture by adopting a slew of Red Hat open source technologies and services, including Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Consulting.

DevOps isn’t so much a product as much as it is a method intended to break down barriers between software developers and IT operations teams in an effort to bolster time-to-market applications. While transitioning to a DevOps culture, SoftBank adopted Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform as its in-house development platform. Containers — a lightweight form of technology that enables multiple applications to be launched on a single operating system — have played an important role in melding software developers with IT operations teams, Brian Gracely, director of product strategy at Red Hat, told RCR Wireless News.