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Highly prestigious educational institution in Panama, with an accredited educational based in international systems.

The problem:

The Institution processed its payroll spreadsheets with software developed in the 1970s, which was reliable back then, but already had several limitations due to the type of technology in which it was developed.  The software was not up to date with the new trends of integration and modernization that payroll processes demand nowadays. In turn, the Human Capital department of the Institution required a tool to develop all the training and development issues of its staff.

The solution:

TECNASA implemented its new payroll processing solution in SaaS mode (software as a service), which was developed on the Oracle platform, using the latest technological trends that now allow the Institution to integrate processes with other applications such as dialing clock, delivery of information via mail – such as digital receipts and electronic record. Likewise, Talentia HCM was implemented, a human resources management solution integrated with the payroll processing solution. With Talentia, the Institution can now carry its HR processes from start to finish, from the management of human capital, selection, training and income, to cover their payment and compensation processes.

In addition to implementing our portfolio of Human Capital Services, TECNASA installed the entire wireless network on the premises of the Institution.

The result:

Thanks to this project, the Institution modernized its human resources processes and the experience of its collaborators, by providing important documents, such as vouchers and files, digitally. The Institution also obtained a new series of management reports and indicators, which facilitate timely decision making.