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The client is one of the largest Telcos in the region. It is a company that offers its fixed-line, mobile, pay television, broadband, domestic and international services to households, small and medium enterprises, corporate clients and government entities.

The problem:

TELCO has several data centers to offer services to its clients. In one of its largest data centers, it needed to remodel a room designed to house its clients’ servers. The model they used was caging, where customers installed their own equipment. The TELCO was responsible for supplying power, and cooling the cages. For this, they had air conditioners that provided cooling to the entire room. They did not have much control over the specific spaces to be cooled. This caused a high energy consumption since they cooled areas that were not necessary.

The telecommunications company needed to transform its business model from rooms for accommodation, to racks and cabinets. In this new model, they needed to improve the level of redundancy of the electrical distribution and cooling system, without reinvesting millions in new systems. They wanted to implement new energy-saving technologies.

The solution:

TECNASA designed together with our business partner, Schneider Electric, the integral solution of EcoAisle that includes confinement of racks with its cooling and electricity systems. This system was designed to maximize the visibility, capacity and cooling efficiency at the rack level.

TECNASA proposed a flexible, scalable, adaptable, modular, agile and efficient thermal containment solution, which serves the client to host critical systems from where they provide their services.

The confinement system allows the equipment installed inside the racks to receive the specific cooling they require. The power supply is also distributed through administrable energy distribution units (PDUs). For the administration of energy consumption, a software was installed that provides visibility, alerts, and proactive recommendations to improve cooling efficiency. Finally, a physical security system for the racks was also delivered, where each client that hosts their equipment has an access key for their area only.

The result:

With the solution of EcoAisle by Schneider Electric, the client obtained substantial savings in energy consumption, as well as increased installed capacity per rack, which increased the number of customers that can accommodate in their data center. Improved the profitability of your investment, having a modern accommodation infrastructure, creating an integral and innovative service.

* TECNASA is the only company that has trained and certified personnel for the commercialization and implementation of this solution in the country.