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One of the region’s leading companies in the oil sector, committed to strict compliance of safety standards and regulations, has highly qualified personnel, an innovative technological platform and multiple awards related to hygiene, quality, and safety.

The problem:

The geographical location of both the primary and secondary datacenters was in a highly seismic zone. The assurance of being able to provide high availability during a natural disaster was compromised by the short distance between both sites.

The executives of the oil company evaluated the construction of a datacenter in another department of the country, in a more stable area, and further away from their current data centers. However, they concluded that the time it would take this construction was too long for the urgency it had in guaranteeing the continuity of its operations, including its ERP, business intelligence infrastructure, fuel control systems and mobile application. They were running out of time and needed a quick and reliable solution.

The solution:

TECNASA presented several datacenter options, such as traditional and modular construction, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. In conjunction with the manufacturer, a world leader in datacenters, alternatives were also evaluated to fit the customer’s needs: a short execution time and ease of implementation.

TECNASA presented a pre-fabricated datacenter solution, which was accepted by the client to meet all their requirements. The oil company made the investment for the acquisition of a Prefab Datacenter, which was installed in a farther site, with anti-seismic features, electrical adjustments, and a UNIX platform.

TECNASA was also in charge of the mobilization of the company’s IT infrastructure, and the implementation of the business continuity solution to have highly available and automated services. The client signed preventive maintenance contracts, proactive support and centralized remote monitoring with TECNASA to guarantee the availability of its new infrastructure.

The result:

The flexibility and ability to have a pre-fabricated datacenter allowed the oil distributor to substantially reduce implementation times, and protect the investment by the mobility provided by the solution. The integration was ensured from start to finish by a single manufacturer. Today, the company has a highly available and automated technological infrastructure allowing them to perform on-the-spot contingency tests and maintenance windows without interruption of services.