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The vision of our client is to be the hospital institution in the region, complying with international quality standards for the provision of health services. It started operations at the end of the decade of the 70s, having areas of hospitalization, intensive care and offices, managing to attend, simultaneously, more than 1,000 patients.

The problem:

With an investment of more than USD $ 140 million, the Institution needed to optimize its physical and technological infrastructure to support the high volume of patients who visit this facility daily.

It was necessary to integrate a robust and reliable solution that included structured cabling, data center solutions, servers, storage, communication networks, with active and passive equipment, and the backup of energy for the data center and medical equipment. All this in an integral way and of the best quality to comply with international medical standards.

The solution:

Once the bid was submitted under a public tender, TECNASA was awarded in all specialties, for a turnkey project that met all the quality and delivery standards in a timely manner.

The total of the project included:

  • Structured Cabling with 1600 network access points and 500 voice points;
  • Fire alarm system with 1000 intelligent detection points;
  • Evacuation audio system with 250 distributed speakers;
  • CCTV video surveillance system with more than 200 cameras;
  • Access control systems and automated vehicle barriers;
  • IP Telephone Exchange with 500 telephones and expansion capacity;
  • Wireless network system with more than 100 access points distributed;
  • Server and SAN computing infrastructure with virtualization
  • Adaptation of Data Center with UPS systems and redundant precision air conditioners, cold aisle containment, fire detection and suppression, Cat6A wiring, CCTV, Access Control in various environments;
  • HP Net communications infrastructure
  • Licensing of the entire Microsoft infrastructure and implementation services;
  • Perimeter Security System throughout the complex.

The result:

The Institution is now the largest hospital in the country where it offers health services and is the most advanced in technology. It has a highly available and automated technological infrastructure that allows them to be flexible and to continue growing and providing services of the highest quality, improving the welfare of its citizens.