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Our client provides corporate, commercial and personal banking services, as well as managing financial institutions and financing projects in urban and rural areas. Our client’s mission is to promote the development of the national economy of the country where it operates, to contribute to the creation of jobs, wealth and promotion of economic activity.

The problem:
Currently, financial and banking institutions are among the most regulated companies globally. Ensuring compliance with the strictest banking regulations has been a constant source of concern for bank security personnel.

Being one of the largest banks in the country where it operates, our client is responsible for protecting the assets of hundreds of thousands of people while complying with strict international and national regulations. One of the main targets of cybercrime is, without a doubt, the banks. In the last year, financial entities around the world have suffered cyber attacks. The new banking services, such as mobile banking, electronic banking, and other innovative channels, entail new types of insecurity and significant risks. As a result, the pressure exerted on financial institutions to guarantee the security of the most sensitive data increases rapidly, and the expense to comply with the regulations and regulations of industry and government is increasing.

The solution:
To comply with these and other government regulations, TECNASA offered the client a new security model for the correlation of events focusing on electronic banking services. TECNASA offers a variety of security solutions. Through the solution we implement, we provide support for the detection, hierarchy and incident management in a single event management and security information platform (SIEM) of the Bank.

The results:
TECNASA implemented a system that provides our client with the necessary information in real time about their network, operational information, and performance to identify, address, and respond to invisible threats and comply with regulatory requirements in a simple manner. Consequently, the continuity of the business and the services provided by our client are completely guaranteed. The financial institution now has total visibility of all security events, specifically those related to electronic banking. The TECNASA solution facilitated the support for current and future compliance and security objectives of the institution.