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...mobile devices in-store. KEY TENTH ANNUAL RETAIL SURVEY FINDINGS Rising shopper expectations continue to outpace retailer in-store technology investments as a majority of millennial shoppers perceive that they are more...

The Point of Sale is Evolving and Retailers Need to Keep Up

It’s no secret that to stay in business, retailers need to continuously evolve to meet the changing demands of shoppers in an increasingly digital world. Millennials, in particular, are avid...

Retail Pro Chooses PA Latinoamericana to Distribute Its Newest Solutions in Brazil

...with PA Latinoamericana will bring many growth opportunities for the national retail market. The move to update unintegrated technologies with Retail Pro software will help retailers unify retail management efforts...

Sales Channels & Touchpoints

All retailers need a channel on which goods and services can be sold in order to make money. Additionally, these retailers need to leverage a point of contact or interaction between themselves and their consumers or customers, or they’ll never sell anything. In order to help our clients in retail succeed, we have developed a number of sales channel and touchpoint solutions that not only upgrade your business processes but improve the customer’s overall shopping experience.

Self-Service Solutions

Not only are the retail customers of today in more of a hurry than ever before, they have also become more demanding than ever. Increasingly, consumers demand that they remain control over their shopping experience and that the experience is fast, easy, convenient and remains private.

Point of Sale Software

Running a successful business involves delivering a great experience for the customer that begins with a flexible and agile point-of-sale system, allowing your business to continue to operate at peak performance, properly manages your inventory, keeps track of your sales and merchandise, provides accurate reports

Payment Solutions

Evolving regulations and the increasing need for uncompromising security methods are changing the payment industry right before our eyes. In order to protect against fraud and data security breaches, it’s important to implement and maintain any regulatory compliance requirements and adhere to the highest security standards. Our payment solutions are uniquely aimed at embracing new payment types and addressing future regulatory compliance requirements,

Business Transformation

In today’s ever-evolving world of technological advancement, employees and customers alike expect instant access to information, tools and support. Everybody wants a seamless digital experience — wherever, whenever. TECNASA’s portfolio of software, services and solutions unlocks potential, enables workplace productivity and boosts operational efficiency for a number of clients.