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The daily newspaper of El Salvador, founded at the beginning of the 20th century, focuses on the communication of political and economic issues, in printed and digital formats, circulating throughout the country, and in the Salvadoran community in the United States. It has received numerous international awards and is an active member of important media associations.

The problem:

The newspaper’s website has 80,000 daily visits. For this traffic, it maintained a traditional infrastructure of servers and communication networks, on site.

The solution:

The executives of the Journal approached TECNASA to solve the problem with infrastructure on site. TECNASA analyzed the capabilities and requirements of the website, projecting growth during the days of greatest online traffic. The solution was to build the necessary architecture and mount it on Microsoft Azure, the open and flexible enterprise-class cloud computing platform. This scheme of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), would allow the client to grow dynamically while paying according to consumption. TECNASA migrated the Newspapers’ website to Azure, realizing the configuration of the resources so that they could grow dynamically, according to the number of visitors simultaneously entering the website.

The result:

Thanks to this implementation and configuration, no matter how many users visit the website, it always has the necessary resources for end users to access the content. The new infrastructure grows according to the demand of connected users, without the need to make large CAPEX investments.

This configuration allowed the Newspaper to pay only for the resources consumed, without having to have a large infrastructure capacity on site for specific events, such as electoral events, and natural disasters.

After successfully testing this new solution, the Newspaper continued growing on Azure, together with TECNASA. Nowadays, it also uses this platform to publish digital content from different magazines and media. It also has consolidated its digital transformation by offering new services to its readers and subscribers, being able to show content and reports in real time.