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The government entity focused on the training and optimization of national human resources, founded in the 60s, grants scholarships and educational loans, not only in the country but also abroad, to students of all academic levels.

The problem:

Committed to establishing strong academic programs that incorporate, among other aspects, strategic planning, and technology, the entity goes from publishing its academic scholarship contests in its offices, to its web page, which was hosted in a local datacenter. The entity’s website began to have unexpected user traffic. Its sizing was not dimensioned to contemplate high volumes of visitors, and the infrastructure hired for this accommodation did not allow them to grow on demand.

The solution:

In order to solve the problem of the website, TECNASA recommended migrating the hosting of physical servers to the Azure public cloud. This option allowed the fast and easy provisioning to supply the fluctuating demand of web users, without the need to incur unnecessary expenses, working under a scheme on demand.

Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud solution, a partner of TECNASA since the 90s, is a platform that allows its users to have flexibility, agility, and security for the information that is hosted on it. Azure becomes an ideal solution not only for the entity but also for companies with needs to work on schemes on demand, thanks to its simple administration with agile provisioning.

The results:

  • Cost reduction: The operational cost of your infrastructure decreased compared to the previously contracted accommodation.
  • Improved efficiency: The entity now has new public and private cloud servers. Thanks to these new services, more than 600,000 people in the country benefit from the online application of the entity’s scholarship program.
  • Agile innovation: Production times are now much faster, allowing the entity to create new opportunities and services. In a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes, the IT department can upload new applications to the web page, without the worry of a possible failure.
  • The entity continues to grow with TECNASA and Azure from Microsoft. Now it also has a mobile application for all its staff nationwide, an unthinkable project before migrating to the Azure cloud.

Our client received the National Award for Innovation, being pioneers in the adoption of new technologies, with hybrid platforms, that improve the quality of life of citizens in their country.