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The Corporation is a family business with presence in more than 14 countries across three continents, 7 business units, and over 3600 employees; it is dedicated to the production of wheat, corn, pasta and biscuits, the agricultural industry, operation of restaurant chains, and the real estate, finance, and energy sectors.

The problem:

The biggest drawback of the Corporation was managing its infrastructure on site due to its growth. Year after year, it had to make investments in infrastructure, servers, communications, and storage. Another important challenge was to be able to supply new initiatives in their systems in the shortest possible time for its employees. The traditional infrastructure they had did not allow this flexibility or speed. Each time they wanted to implement a new service for their teams, it took a long time and resources, considerably delaying the process.

Additionally, there was no friendly collaboration portal for the workforce. There was no place to share company information, and there was no control over the versions of the documents, since you could not collaborate online, or share them.

The solution:

TECNASA, together with the Corporation, analyzed the current capabilities of its infrastructure and worked in providing a solution, based on Microsoft Azure, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). TECNASA built and configured the necessary components for the company to communicate its on-site platform with the public cloud. Several of these services allowed to create virtual machines and provision applications and services. In turn, the IT team of the Corporation can successfully and effectively manage public cloud services with its on-site infrastructure. From a single console, the team can create virtual machines, users and provision applications in a matter of minutes.

The solution included:

  1. Hybrid Federation that gives the Corporation access to more than 500 users.
  2. Corporate portal on Microsoft SharePoint, completely hosted in a public cloud environment.
  3. The infrastructure in the public cloud, on which they mounted their application for Training Management.

The result:

Today, the Corporation has more flexibility in its platform. Without losing control of on-site and public-cloud environments, they manage to maintain a hybrid environment.

Through their new internal portal, they have managed to improve communications. They publish news, corporate information and employees can share files and control changes, safely.