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CommScope Authorizes Partners in New In-Building Wireless Program

October 25, 2017

As the in-building wireless industry moves to an enterprise-owned model with IT managers and building operators taking the lead on cellular projects, CommScope is equipping its extensive partner network to better support enterprise customers.

CommScope is now offering an In-building Wireless Sales Specialist authorization to current North American structured cabling installer partners in its PartnerPRO® Network. In-building Wireless Sales Specialists are authorized to offer CommScope’s innovative digital distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions to customers, provide solution pricing, and design and install the supporting in-building wireless infrastructure.

“The new partner authorization is all about enabling our enterprise ecosystem- which includes hundreds of cabling installer companies-to better serve their customers by knowledgably consulting about wireless solutions,” said Koen ter Linde, vice president, Global Partners, CommScope. “CommScope has developed in-building wireless solutions specifically for the enterprise, and we expect our partner network to serve as a significant sales channel for them.”

To earn In-building Wireless Sales Specialist authorization, North American installer partners of CommScope SYSTIMAX® or UNIPRISE® cabling solutions must complete a training program. After being authorized, In-building Wireless Sales Specialists can identify opportunities, advise customers, and collaborate with CommScope and its in-building wireless installer partners for project scoping, network design, and system commissioning.

CommScope has already authorized eight In-building Wireless Sales Specialists:

  • Sturgeon Electric (Henderson, CO)
  • Network Controls and Electric, Inc. (Greer, SC)
  • Kearney Electric – Communications (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Direct Line Communications (Fremont, CA)
  • Premiere Communications & Consulting, Inc. (Raleigh, NC)
  • McKinstry Co. (Seattle, WA)
  • TeamLINX LLP (Denver, CO)
  • E2 Optics (Englewood, CO)

CommScope developed this partner program to address the industry trend of in-building wireless systems moving to an enterprise funded model from carrier funded. Analyst firm Mobile Experts estimates that enterprise funding of indoor DAS will grow 310 percent between 2015-2021.

“Reliable cellular coverage and capacity are still needed in many commercial buildings, and the need for it will increase with 5G and the growth of IoT,” said Kyung Mun, principal analyst, Mobile Experts.

Complicating the picture, though, is the fact that designing, installing and commissioning in-building wireless systems requires technical skills that evolved in the telecom industry, which IT staff and building operations professionals may not possess. CommScope believes its expanded PartnerPRO Network plus enterprise-friendly solutions such as ION®-E DAS and OneCell® C-RAN small cell solution will empower enterprises to effectively implement their own wireless networks. CommScope expects to bring the In-building Wireless Sales Specialist authorization program to partners in other regions, as well.

CommScope also offers resources such as the In-Building Wireless Best Practices and Connected and Efficient Buildings eBooks to help enterprises better understand and evolve network infrastructure.