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Newly Expanded Micro Focus Security Portfolio Delivers Open, Intelligent and Comprehensive Approach to “Secure the New

Septiembre 12, 2017

Micro Focus today announced new innovations across its expanded security portfolio at Protect 2017, following the successful spin-merge with HPE Software. Micro Focus’s comprehensive security solutions spanning security operations, application security,identity and access management (IAM), and data security help organizations strike the right balance between easy access to critical business data and mitigating risk.

Attackers are collaborating more than most organizations, constantly evolving and finding new attack vectors. While the move to hybrid IT environments, faster development lifecycles and stronger data analytics capabilities are providing increasing value to organizations, these trends are placing added pressure to implement security across multiple environments at scale. According to Gartner, “external attackers are increasingly able to evade detection by traditional perimeter security monitoring tools and services and target sensitive data within databases and applications, which are often not continuously monitored.” 1

“The shift to hybrid IT and DevOps has made it imperative for organizations to move beyond securing the periphery, and take a holistic approach to securing their users, apps, data and the interactions between them,” said John Delk, Chief Product Officer (CPO) and General Manager of the Security Product Group at Micro Focus. “Our new, expanded security portfolio opens up a unique opportunity for security teams – empowering customers with the solutions to protect their most sensitive assets and applications at scale, drive identity-centric control and obtain actionable insights across their environments.”

Secure the New: Micro Focus Customer-Centric Security Innovation

Micro Focus is introducing new customer-centric innovations across its security portfolio that help organizations take a holistic, open and intelligent approach to security that tackles today’s most sophisticated threats. The solutions help customers develop more securely, protect sensitive data, take an identity-based approach to security monitoring, and leverage open architectures and powerful analytics to normalize data across the organization into meaningful and actionable insights.

“As a financial institution, maintaining compliance and protecting our customers’ data is a top priority, regardless of if they are using a mobile app or traditional banking,” said Richard Farrell, Manager, Application Security and Cyber Security at ANZ Bank. “Micro Focus’s comprehensive security portfolio including Fortify has enabled us to ensure compliance, mitigate risk and reduce costs by significantly decreasing the number of vulnerabilities and automatically testing applications earlier in development.”

“Micro Focus helps us correlate all of the security data across our organization and normalize the information for immediate action in responding to threats,” said Enkhsaikhan Pagva, Manager of Information Security, Unitel. “This enables our security analysts to save time on routine tasks, and prioritize the most pertinent threats to ensure that we are delivering the best possible service to our customers and preventing fraud.”

New innovations, partnerships and enhancements introduced during Protect 2017 help customers detect new threats and better mitigate risk. These include:

ArcSight Opens up the SOC Architecture: ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) 2.2 brings native, real-time log parsing, security data enrichment and normalization into the innovative Event Broker for security operations that scales to any data volumes, building the power of ArcSight’s connectors directly into the Event Broker. A new partnership with Elastic highlights ArcSight’s flexibility and open architecture that enables data sharing across the organization. This partnership provides IT and security teams with data that has been enriched for better visibility and customization within powerful search dashboards of Elastic.