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TECNASA is proud to be one of Microsoft's licensing solution providers (LSP) in Central America. For decades, Microsoft has been trusted to develop, manufacture, license, support and sell computer software.
Today, we cannot imagine working without Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Power BI and Azure cloud services revolutionized, in just months, the understanding of corporate data and data accessibility, and we will soon see terms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in everyday conversations.
In TECNASA, we partner with Microsoft as well as with our leading brands, to bring the companies of our region world-changing technologies with the best support and highest level solutions with extensive experience.


Is your part of your IT platform in the public cloud?

The ever-increasing amounts of data organizations are able to collect make leveraging intelligence out of this quagmire more challenging than ever. At TECNASA, we aim to help your organization with data-driven intelligence by delivering a comprehensive data platform for developers and businesses to create the next generation of intelligent applications that drive new efficiencies, help create better products and improve customer experiences.

Our trusted solutions integrate data and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your applications and your business. The integration of AI functions into databases, data lakes and the cloud simplifies the deployment of intelligent applications. The use of AI within our solutions enhances your organization’s performance and data security. Finally, this level of innovation grants developers the flexibility to compose multiple cloud services into various design patterns for AI, and the flexibility to leverage Windows, Linux, Python, R, Spark, Hadoop, and other open source tools in building such systems.


Power BI

Power BI, allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and create thoroughreports to share with your organization.

Cortana Intelligence

Building advanced analytics will allow your organization to understand your customers better achieving value quickly, evolving past your competitors.

Machine Learning

With Machine Learning your organization will employ a fully-managed cloud service enabling you to easily build, deploy & share analytics solutions.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Build apps with algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret needs using natural methods of communication, with a few lines of codes.