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TECNASA is proud to be one of Microsoft's licensing solution providers (LSP) in Central America. For decades, Microsoft has been trusted to develop, manufacture, license, support and sell computer software.
Today, we cannot imagine working without Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Power BI and Azure cloud services revolutionized, in just months, the understanding of corporate data and data accessibility, and we will soon see terms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in everyday conversations.
In TECNASA, we partner with Microsoft as well as with our leading brands, to bring the companies of our region world-changing technologies with the best support and highest level solutions with extensive experience.


Is your part of your IT platform in the public cloud?

The inner workings of today's software-defined applications and infrastructure reveal an interconnected web of isolated components and scalable resources, supervised by automated management. This solution promises data centers more flexibility, efficiency and resiliency than virtualization and monolithic app designs. Consequently, clients trust TECNASA to deliver end-to-end productivity solutions, complete with support, applications, network and hardware, that guide organizations through every step of their digital transformation journey and drive adoption of profitable Office 365 services.

Delivered by you as a subscription service, Office 365 offers your customers security-enhanced, cloud-based versions of the applications they know and trust. To make Office 365 more valuable for your organization, Microsoft is offering three new applications — Microsoft Connections, a simple-to-use email marketing service; Microsoft Listings, an easy way to publish your business information on top sites; and Microsoft Invoicing, a new way to create professional invoices and get paid quickly. With TECNASA, your organization is able to build long-term, value-added services for Office 365 by expanding your reach, growing your revenue and increasing your velocity.



Because Azure supports a wide variety of operating systems & devices, you’re able to use the tools and technologies that you already know and trust.

Computing Power

Microsoft and TECNASA believe that access to computing capabilities in the Cloud has the power to transform businesses through innovation.

Database Platforms

Database, analytics, and business intelligence work together to speed development and let you manage your data universe.


Identity allows you to connect & exchange identities, enable password, group and certificate management, and use Azure to sync your Active Directory.

Intune & System Center

Intune helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected.

Web Platforms

Web platforms you get a complete eco-system of products, technologies and partners all looking to help you succeed on the web.