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IT operations are one of the most crucial aspects of most organizational operations around the world. Organizations rely on their information systems to operate efficiently and effectively and an organization’s operations may be impaired or stopped completely if a system becomes unavailable. As a result, in order to minimize disruption, it is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations.


As integrative consultants, TECNASA connects your company with the most important "marketplaces" or cloud application markets approved by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft ™.

Deployment, Integration and Migration

At TECNASA we help you migrate and execute workloads on platforms powered by Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure, among others, while maintaining security, compliance, scalability, availability and profitability.

IT Security

As a company born from information technology, TECNASA is well-versed in delivering innovative IT security solutions. For decades, numerous organizations have trusted us with everything they need to secure their most sensitive information. Modern IT security must move at the speed of business, proactively detecting, preventing, and repairing damage from threats and attacks. The expert-level components of our IT security solutions, including end-user protection, peripheral security, web filtering, email security, security management integration, Service Operations Center solutions, data protection, encryption and vulnerability analysis,

Physical Security

One of the most overlooked aspects of enterprise security is often one of the most important — physical security. The importance of physical security is often neglected in favor of more technical threats like hacking and malware. However, physical security breaches that cause loss or damage to an organization can be executed without technical expertise on the part of the attacker.


In order to maximize the value of your security information, it is important to add context to your data. But, context is only one step on the road to maximizing the value of your security information. To get the most out of your security information, you need to be correlating your data. TECNASA’s correlation solutions evaluate relationships between pieces of information, look at how the pieces fit together and contribute additional information that helps keep your organization safe. Through expert-level IT event management, advanced threat analytics and cyber intelligence,

Sales Channels & Touchpoints

All retailers need a channel on which goods and services can be sold in order to make money. Additionally, these retailers need to leverage a point of contact or interaction between themselves and their consumers or customers, or they’ll never sell anything. In order to help our clients in retail succeed, we have developed a number of sales channel and touchpoint solutions that not only upgrade your business processes but improve the customer’s overall shopping experience.

CommScope Authorizes Partners in New In-Building Wireless Program

...better support enterprise customers. CommScope is now offering an In-building Wireless Sales Specialist authorization to current North American structured cabling installer partners in its PartnerPRO® Network. In-building Wireless Sales Specialists...