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The videoconferencing solutions that we offer at TECNASA have the necessary flexibility to convert a traditional call into a video collaboration experience, allowing fast, efficient communication and where your organization needs it, always ensuring that your information is transmitted securely.


...key to contributing positively to our environment and at the same time offering solutions to business needs. Thanks to the green technology of our strategic partners, our outsourced services, TECNASA...


...in the technology industry and we are proud to be able to provide their solutions to the entire Central American region and Ecuador, together with our services. By promoting the...

Educase annual conference

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference hosts professionals and technology providers from around the world to network, share ideas, and discover solutions to today’s challenges. Here you’ll have access to the largest...

Payroll Processing Outsourcing

Payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Outsourcing your payroll can free up time for your people to pursue more important value-added and revenue-generating activities. Outsourcing payroll can also alleviate a burdensome source of pain, as manually processing payroll can range from being a nuisance to a full-on pain-in-the neck. Most organizations don't have time to keep up with constantly changing government regulations, withholding taxes and government systems

Human Management

Your people are vital to the success of your organization and managing their performance and attitude will have a significant impact on whether or not you succeed. Not only does human capital management involve leading, motivating, rewarding, inspiring and encouraging your workforce, it also involves hiring, letting go, disciplining and evaluating them. TECNASA’s

Managed Operation

At TECNASA we will assume the complete management of the operation of your platform in Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure at any stage, from the start-up to the completion of your project.
It includes the following key tasks:

· Automated alerts and recovery actions.
· Customized Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure environment support, specific to your business.
· Full monitoring of instances, Amazon ™ Web Services resources, Microsoft ™ Azure and networks.
· Application of patches and constant maintenance, stop failures before they become a problem.
· Analysis and technical recommendations in general.
· Cost control for Amazon ™ Web Services and Microsoft ™ Azure.