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TECNASA participa del Partner Conference de Trellix durante mayo

CONOCIENDO DETALLES DEL EVENTO Estar en el Partner Advisory Board de Trellix es una oportunidad para colaborar directamente con nuestro socio de negocios y brindar aportes sobre su estrategia, productos...


Ciudad de Panamá, 10 de diciembre del 2018.- TECNASA, empresa líder en soluciones de alta tecnología en la región, es reconocida por HP Inc. con el Premio Platinum Partner 2018,...

Converged Computing

At TECNASA, our specialized expertise in information technology allows us to combine computing, storage and networking resources together to create a single, optimized IT package for your organization that can be preconfigured and immediately placed in your data center. By merging multiple computing solutions together, we are able to provide both technical and business efficiencies. Converged computing integrates pools of computers, storage and networking resources that can be shared and managed collectively to centralize the management of IT resources, merge systems and increase the use of IT resources and lower costs.

Storage & Backup

Today, the use of backup storage is vitally important in enterprise environments, where the loss of business data can be disastrous. Modern businesses generate more data than ever before, and fortunately, storage and backup technology is accordingly cheaper and more abundant than it was previously. At TECNASA, we realize that a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to storage and backup solutions is not optimal as individual organizations are unique and their storage requirements invariably differ.


Achieve the performance, agility, versatility, and reliability needed to scale smarter, manage more efficiently and innovate more quickly with TECNASA’s broad range of servers of various capacities and formats from leading technology providers such as HP and Dell. We provide mission-critical servers, cloud servers, application servers and database servers as well as administration for each type of server offered.